Wednesday, July 3, 2024

It's mid 2024, already

Tomorrow is Independence Day. My, oh my, how the time is flying. When I was younger and so busy with kids, a spouse, a house, a job I thought time would slow down as I got older and had less to do. But it seems life just goes faster. And faster. I do lots less, that takes me more time than ever. I move slower than I used to. I'm having more trouble opening jars. Oh, such it is to get older. but anyways.... I am grateful for each day. 

Still no hooking, still haven't found that darned pattern. But I did ask Saundra of Woodland Junction to draw up two antique reproductions. I have a retreat with Maria Barton coming up in mid July, followed by a hook-in the next week. 

So I've been sewing. I finished up two more donation quilts for snuggled in Hope. And am already working on a new one.

Have a safe and fun holiday, Sue


  1. Another post already? Are you trying to give me heart failure?
    This growing old is not for sissies and time is passing much too quickly. I thought in retirement I would have so much free time, but after almost 8 years, it has not yet happened ;-(
    You are so kind making so many donation quilts.
    So what is the second pattern Saundra is drawing up? You're holding out on! Looking forward to the hook in. You'd better behave yourself or I will leave you in Shipshewana ;-)

  2. I totally agree with time passing way too fast. Tasks take me longer and is more difficult and also have problems opening jars. But thankfully I'm still above ground and pulling loops.
    One of the patterns shipped today. The 3 sided foot stool I explained was out of my league.

  3. My mother warned me that time would go so fast of course I didn't listen.
    at least you are still moving slow or not.


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